To integrate Transact with Elen Software:

Use the form attached at the bottom of this page, download it an fill out the following:

  1. Adviser Firm Details:
    Your firm name and firm Transact number (Ensure this is not an advisor Transact number)
  2. Software Provider Details:
    Have been provided on the form, if the fields appear blank please click in the relevant boxes
  3. Adviser Firm Declaration:
    Sign, date, name and position

  4. Save locally to your computer
  5. Log in to using your Company log in (Advisor login may not have the correct requirements for your client data to transfer)
  6. click the ‘Tools’ button (Third from right) in the navigation bar at the top of the webpage, then click ‘Upload Documents’ at the bottom of the menu
  7. At the first option ‘Investor related’ Click ‘No’ and the screen will change, click the ‘Next’ button
  8. Add your company name as a description, then browse and upload the PDF you saved in step 4
  9. Transact will then give Elen Financial Software permission, after which you can import your Transact client data shown in the next steps

Syncing Transact with Elen Financial Software:

  1. Starting again on the Transact home screen again, click on ‘Housekeeping’ in the navigation bar

  2. Then click ‘Manage TRDS’

  3. There will be a list of Linked Software Providers shown, make sure Elen Financial Software is included

  4. span style="font-size: 18px;">Add a matching password in the two fields, also take note of the Transact Number (ex. 123-456-789) also known as the Access Code, shown above the first field
    (***Step4 can be skipped if you have already set and know your password for other Linked Software Providers***)

  5. Go to your Elen home page and log in, you will have received your Elen URL via email when activating your account

  6. Click ‘Admin’ on the top navigation bar

  7. Click ‘Data Import’ on the sub-bar

  8. On the right hand side click ‘+ Add Platform’

  9. Choose ‘Transact’ in the dropdown and click ‘Continue’

  10. Enter your transact number (from point 4) into the Access Code field, and the password you set into the Pin field. Click ‘Manual Sync’

  11. A column table will appear on the right hand side of the screen showing successful updates, and show if there are any errors in red at the top. Scroll down to see detail on uploads, again error detail will be displayed in red

  12. The Access Code and Pin will remain on this page, and ‘Manual Sync’ can be pressed anytime you want the data sync to be updated