Integrate with CashCalc to import your clients and their policies

For easy integration with no errors, ensure sure all clients' National Insurance number and email address fields are completed in CashCalc before integrating.

Log into Elen and go to your Admin tab, then click the Data Import sub tab. Choose CashCalc from the dropdown list:

  1. Click 'Login to CashCalc' and you'll be taken to the CashCalc log in screen. Enter your CashCalc username and password.

  2. Click authorise:

  3. You'll be taken back to Elen.

  4. Click on your client tab, bottom left click '+ New Client' and click 'CashCalc in the popup menu:

  5. You'll then be presented with a list of clients you can choose to import*:

* Currently this feature only allows you to import one at a time, we are looking to allow multiple client imports - to be released in a future update